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The Far East Team Cooperates with a Fastfood Chain

The Far East team has started cooperation with a fast food chain called "Sol i Perets" ("Salt and Pepper"). The visitors to these roadside cafés will now have a chance to enjoy the HoReCa Classico coffee.

The negotiations were attended by Semyon Sitnikov, the famous Vladivostok chief barista. According to him, our coffee is "Italy for a reasonable price." The expert gave the highest assessment of the taste characteristics and quality of our product, which was the decisive moment in the conclusion of the contract.
After signing the contract, the employees of the division visited all the points of the network and set up equipment for the HoReCa Classico coffee, as well as conducted barista orientation.

When working with the MAY Far East team, the client receives several bonuses at once. Firstly, it is the opinion of a recognized coffee expert, who will tell you in detail about the product and the way of its brewing. Secondly, the MAY employees provide the setup of coffee machines and conduct training for employees of food outlets, which greatly simplifies the work with the brand and contributes to the rapid attraction of visitors.

"Each region has its own culture of coffee consumption. While the Russian capitals, Moscow and St. Petersburg, have a pretty rich selection of beverages, with citizens able to distinguish one variety from another, the Far East has this area in its nascent stage, which arouses great interest among visitors to food outlets. People want to know more about coffee, try different blends, choose their favorite one. And we are ready to offer them a bright taste, as in Italy, and the highest quality. Most importantly, our words are proved by a recognized master in coffee-making. I am sure that this project will be the first one in a series of future successful projects with HoReCa clients," said the director of the Far East division.




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