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MAY organizes taste-off for partners

This year the "Perekrestok" trade network celebrated its 27-year anniversary. The company decided to spend the holiday among its nearest and dearest, and invited all its employees and the most reliable partners, including MAY. The May premium brands are appreciated at any event, and at that point the CURTIS brand team and tea-testers provided a memorable experience.

The bright booth decorated with aromatic fruits was demonstrating the whole range of the CURTIS products, from classic tastes in sashets to cold tea. Andrey Skidan, a tea-tester, was making every beverage special, inspiring the guests to come back for our tea more than once. During 5 hours of continuous work the team prepared more than 1000 custom tea cocktails.

Our colleagues were serving the tea, giving recommendations to visitors, acquainted them with the assortment, told them about our features and shared interesting recipes with them. According to the feedback of the organizers and guests, the presence of CURTIS made the holiday extremely memorable.



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