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MAY's employee receives their first-ever green belt in lean manufacturing

Lean manufacturing in MAY covers all areas of business – from production to staff training. The procedural knowledge in this sphere and successful projects have allowed our employees to apply for a certain status. In the international practice of lean manufacturing, there is an experience of assigning belts depending on the level of achievements of a professional. At the moment, several MAY employees are applying for a green belt in lean manufacturing. Sergey Isakov, the leader of the production team, was the first to receive the certificate.

Getting a green belt means that a person can apply the full range of knowledge of industrial improvement in their personal project, while achieving significant results for the company. To get a green belt, you need to be trained and defend a lean manufacturing project within your company. Sergey defended a project related to production. 

Owning a green belt is not just a fashionable privilege. Training and systematization of all knowledge help to approach work in a more structured way, to better understand and apply lean production tools.

"We plan to get a black belt in the future, which is associated with more global changes that have an impact the efficiency of the entire company. We always have a lot of interesting and promising projects at the Maycomplex, which can play an important role in obtaining a higher rank.

Certification of belt system specialists ultimately influences our consumers, customers and employees themselves. After all, they expect to receive high quality, optimal delivery times and the lowest operating costs. All the knowledge I have gained is transformed into an action plan that will not be aimed at a momentary financial effect or a reduction in labor intensity. I will carry out the first changes under the slogan of fighting for the culture of production, labor safety, elimination of visible losses. As an owner of a green belt, I will become the main driving force of transformations in production at the first stage. Then I will transfer my knowledge to professionals who will be able to successfully manage operational improvement projects and bring real economic benefits," Sergey Isakov said.



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