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MAY team organizes a fest in Cheboksary

The exclusive MAY trading team took part in the charity children's fest in the Cheboksary Charitable Foundation named after Anya Chizhova. The Foundation has been operating since 2016 – since the opening of the first Palliative Care Department in Chuvashia in the Cheboksary children's hospital. The organization was named after 15-year-old Anya, the first patient of the department, who had an inoperable brain tumor. The girl combated with the disease for a year, but could not come through it.
Employees of the Foundation help children with incurable diseases: complicated cases of epilepsy, cerebral palsy, cancer. The mission of the Foundation is to make the life of the wards as complete, happy and joyful as possible, like ordinary healthy children have.

In its social networks, the Foundation asked for help in holding a fest for its wards on June 4, dedicated to the Children's Day. The task was to organize a meal for 400 children and their families. Taking care of children is an important area of MAY's work as a producer and meets the goals of the sustainable development strategy. Employees of all divisions give a high status to philanthropic assistance in their regions and participate in such projects personally.

The Cheboksary team decided to support the "Chizhovites" by organizing a sweet buffet with delicious biscuits and fragrant tea. ARGUS, the local distributor which provided water for the tea and customers also gave a helping hand, as well as confectionery manufacturers. The fest was emotional and active, with creative workshops organized for the children and their families, and a tea-party.

"Money is not the only way to show your support. Sometimes you can help with a beneficial action or even a sincere conversation over a cup of fragrant tea. To gather the whole team at a charity fest instead of an ordinary corporate party is a great opportunity for each employee to show quality, to become a volunteer for a while. Charity team building unites our colleagues around a good idea. I am glad that the team and I have become participants of this charitable event", Anna Andreeva, the Territorial Manager of MAY, said.



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