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Representatives of the Maycomplex tell the heads of districts and the business community about the results of the introduction of lean manufacturing

The Maycomplex team organized a working meeting for the deputy heads of the city districts of Shchelkovo, Fryazino and Losino-Petrovsky, as well as for the Shchelkovo Chamber of Commerce and Industry and representatives of the business community of the regions. The guests wanted to learn more about the topic of lean manufacturing and the results this direction allows to achieve.

In 2020, the Moscow Region joined the national project called "Labor Productivity". To date, with the support of the Ministry of Investment, Industry and Science of the Moscow region, more than 90 local enterprises are involved in introducing lean manufacturing. Some of them are at the beginning of the journey, others have already been taking effective steps. The Maycomplex  is a benchmark among other enterprises in terms of using this method. The representatives of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry are interested in supporting the business, so they asked our team to organize a workshop tour and tell them more about the stages of implementing lean manufacturing. The results of the meeting will help create conditions for increasing productivity in the production of socially important food products.

First, our colleagues took the guests to the production and warehouse complex, where they familiarized them with the amounts of tea and coffee that are delivered to all corners of Russia and the world. Then the delegation was invited to the board, where the goals and results of the introduction of lean manufacturing were reflected.

The company have been implementing lean manufacturing projects for a long time. They are directly connected with sustainable development initiatives, helping to manage resources carefully and achieve savings of tens of millions of rubles. Maycomplex monitors indicators such as the labor productivity and the overall efficiency of the equipment. Every year these indicators show positive dynamics.

Our colleagues also noted that in 2021 the experts of the Maycomplex stepped out the production itself and for the first time took part in the WorldSkills regional championship as judges. To participate, two of our employees had received training and a relevant certificate giving them the right to act as judges.

Sergey Isakov, the MAY manufacturing director, both participated in the Moscow Region championship as an expert judge and trained the students of Shchelkovsky College, a strategic partner of Maycomplex for attracting and training qualified personnel, as one of the coaches training for the competition.
The trained students took the prize-winning 2nd, 3rd and 4th places. Sergey also received a green belt in lean manufacturing. This means that he can apply the full range of knowledge of production improvement in his projects, while achieving significant results for the company.
There is another level ahead. It is necessary to undergo training and constantly apply lean manufacturing practices in work. Сertification of two more employees is coming up for the right to be considered masters of the green belt.

Our colleagues noted that the main task of managers is to engage each subordinate to work in a team to achieve the company's business goals. It is important to foster interest in learning lean production methodology to the staff. The team does this through the training first. It is conducted in person, using prepared digital content, and then the knowledge is strengthened by the involvement of personnel, for example, in identifying the causes of a particular problem and ways to eliminate it once and for all with the help of certain techniques.

The turning point came when the team launched the project called "Implementation of autonomous teams in production". At the moment, 18 autonomous teams are working at Maycomplex, which have covered almost all production lines in the production of tea and coffee. Thanks to the willingness and involvement of everyone, we achieve excellent results.

As part of the tour, a dry run of one of the lean manufacturing projects took place at the board near the IMA T1-6 line, in the tea bag shop.

The President of the Shchelkovo Chamber of Commerce and Industry expressed confidence that familiarization with our results will allow us to start effective implementation of lean manufacturing at enterprises in the region and join the national program to increase productivity.



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