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MAY celebrates "MAY! Family! Sport!" fest

The event was organized in front of Maycomplex and gathered more than 100 families of our colleagues, including 90 children. This way we have revived the tradition of cultural and sports events and have reopened the doors for the young generation of MAY - our dearest guests.

That was the event we’ve all been waiting for. The whole team performed the main mission properly and managed to create a superior value even in the darkest of times. And it was our children who helped us to do that, absorbing corporate culture together with their parents and sharing knowledge about our products with friends of their own. Our children are our future, and they have already demonstrated to us their commitment to the ethics of high achievements by making us happy with their talents. Our company employs entire families, and this points to the fact that MAY itself is a family where everyone shows their flexibility and cooperation.

The sport theme was not chosen by chance. We are able to work together as a single organism, there is a desire for sustainable and large-scale development, and the will to win in all of us. We have overcome many challenges, having broken many barriers, like real athletes, and now we aim at significant business growth in the years to come. And during the fest we showed what true friendship, mutual aid and global leadership are!

The event program included activities for children and adults. First, a field trip to the factory was organized for the young guests. The shop managers and shop foremen took the role of guides and told the children about the process of producing their favorite tea. The Maycomplex staff organized the groups in such a way that the excursion was as interesting and safe as possible, because the children were between 6 and 17 years old. According to the feedback from the children, they liked the equipment on which tea bags are produced, and the magical flavor of tea.

"It is really great that today children have had a wonderful opportunity to get acquainted with the production process, to understand where their parents work, and even to dream of returning here as a full-fledged employee, to follow up the family dynasty. The children were keen on the equipment, asking what drives the machines and how the tea is put into the boxes. While communicating with the kids, we recruited in play some talented repairmen and foremen of them - for the future", said Larisa Batalova, one of the personnel representatives.

At the beginning of the official part Igor Lisinenko, the founder of MAY, welcomed the guests by Zoom. He expressed the hope that the talents of children would certainly lead them to their dream jobs, and perhaps even to our company.

Then General Director Sergey Konev and CEO Regina Kosulnikova addressed the guests. They talked about the weight of traditions in the MAY family and wished employees to support each other at work and in everyday life, to pass down the values from generation to generation.

After that, the competition for the whole family started. Everyone had the opportunity to test their speed, agility and accuracy. The guests were divided into teams, many of which had names so close to our heart - Magnificent Richard, Milk Oolong... On that day, the weather made a real gift for us: the sun was shining throughout the fest, despite gloomy weather forecasts about the coming rain. The area in front of Maycomplex was divided into sectors so that groups of children could simultaneously participate in different contests. When the awards ceremony came, all the participants received prizes that included different event binders, as well as tea.



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