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South branch organizes a Victory Day fest

On May 9, the bright holiday of Victory, the South branch team held a CURTIS tea tasting event in the central square of Mikhailovsk for residents and guests. The event was accompanied with the classic tastes of the CURTIS brand (Delicate Black, Elegant Earl Grey, Fresh Green) and specialities (Exotic Lime, Pleasure Time, Fantasy Peach).

The participants of the fest and tea-tasting highly appreciated the diverse and rich product line of the brand, the organization of the event and the assistance of our employees.

Around one thousand mugs of CURTIS hot tea were drunk during the fest.

The whole event was held by an exclusive trading team.

The MAY team never ignores such important holidays as the Victory Day, preparing surprises for participants of the festivities. The city authorities expressed deep gratitude to the company for the excellent preparation of the tasting event and delicious drinks.



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