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Tea-testing, lectures and cool taste-offs on the second day of the Tea and Coffee Festival

Today is the second day of the Coffee Tea Cacao Russian Expo 2022 festival, which is even more eventful and filled with performances by MAY employees. Right now our tea-testers are participating in the contest of the "Tea Tasting Skills" category.

It evaluates the participant's ability to correctly identify the components of the tea samples. The competition in this category takes place in two subnominations. In the first subnomination (tea only), participants are to determine the taste and aroma of 6 tea samples. According to our colleagues, a Kenyan tea is presented for the competition, which is interesting and quite difficult to recognize.

In the second subnomination (multicomponent beverage), tea-testers are to try nine types of herbs and then recognize these ingredients being already added to tea.

According to the results of the competition, our tea-tester Roman Moroseev took the 2nd place!

Natalia Larionova gave a lecture on tea mixology and prepared a cool taste-off for all the guests.

"I have told the guests what nuances are important to consider when preparing tea cocktails. First I gave some theoretical material, then I treated the audience with three beverages that I invented myself. Our premium brands helped me in the preparation. So, the first tea cocktail was made on the basis of RICHARD Royal Green Jasmine tea, the second one, with the taste of carcade, was made using CURTIS Summer Berries and the third one was based on RICHARD SHU PU-ERH. I was preparing material for a completely different audience, so I used three of our teas with different taste profiles. In addition, at the moment our company is actively developing the HoReCa direction, and beverages based on the recipes that I presented today can be offered to potential customers of this niche."



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