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The MAY team begins performing at the Coffee Tea Cacao Russian Expo 2022 Festival

Every year the MAY team participates in the events of the Coffee Tea Cacao Russian Expo, surprising the guests with their skills. The company’s tea-testers and cup-testers always take prizes in competitions related to the preparation of tea and coffee and their taste-offs.
Today is the first day of the festival. Natalia Larionova, a tea-tester, participated in the category "Tea Preparation".
Under the terms of the competition, the participant is to prepare and serve two teas to the judges within 15 minutes. The ingredients for the first beverage are selected from the raw materials provided by the organizers. The second tea is provided by the participant. The judges assess the characteristics of the finished beverage (aroma, taste, aftertaste), the technique of tea brewing, serving and presentation of tea, as well as the level of participant's theoretical skills.

"Speaking of the tea provided by the organizers, a certain contest theme is usually offered", Natalya commented on her performance: For example, last time the conditions included brewing a "to-go" tea to be served in a paper cup. Today we were offered the concept of a new institution in the HoReCa segment, which is very close to our company. Within the framework of this concept, it was necessary to choose one of the 3 variants of the provided tea, prepare it in an original way and creatively justify the service. I chose a Japanese kabusetya tea and brewed it in the cold brew method for 5 minutes.

And as my author's beverage, I decided to make a Dong Fang Mei Ren tea, which is also known as the Oriental Beauty.

This oolong is famous for the fact that the tea leaves are bitten by small cicadas during ripening. Due to this, the tea gets fermented in a different way, and the taste of tea becomes transformed, acquiring an inimitable fruity, delicate aroma. The most famous plantations of this tea are situated in Taiwan, but I used Chinese raw materials for my presentation. The beverage is served in its pure form, it is not recommended to mix it with other ingredients. I brewed it at a temperature of 70 degrees and infused it for 3 minutes to deliver the taste to the fullest extent. I really hope the judges liked my performance."



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