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COFFESSO talks about coffee through a new interesting video format

One of the strategic tasks of MAY Trade Company is to make a revolution in the coffee market. The COFFESSO team has already done a lot to announce its new, unique and excellent product: it has created perfect blends, developed stylish packaging, gained support of the winner of the Italian barista championships. There is very little left to do, namely to tell coffee lovers about the new brand and tell them about the Italian consumption culture of this drink.

The brand launched its own YouTube channel where you can learn more about the coffee world and COFFESSO’s role in it. From the videos you will learn how to create a coffee blend, how to drink the resulting blend with maximum benefit, how to achieve the perfect grinding, and much more. Giacomo Vannelli, the COFFESSO ambassador already well-known to all of us, is the channel presenter. He shares secrets from the world of coffee at ease so that each of you can make a drink from our products, like in a coffee shop.

This channel is intended not only for consumers, but also for sales employees who will be able to learn more about the product, talk about its benefits in a well-argued manner and quickly negotiate with the customers about the placement of the new product in their networks. It is worth noting that the videos were shot both in the standard format and in the Bumper Ads format! The latter are 6-second videos that deliver the maximum information over a short period of time.

COFFESSO brand leader Tatyana Mamedova said, ‘We plan to develop our YouTube channel by filling it with interesting and cognitive content, involving amateurs and real coffee lovers in the world of coffee art. It is important to say that our ambassador Giacomo is the channel presenter – who else but he is able to tell in an interesting and understandable manner about coffee and to gain the trust of millions of Russians! I and COFFESSO team hope that subscribers will love the new channel, which would allow us to get closer to fulfilling our strategic task – make a revolution in the coffee market’.



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