Strategic uniti - Innovation - Speed
Strategic uniti - Innovation - Speed


We are successful due to our special adherence to consumers and exceptional talent and endurance of our employees. We always strive to achieve the best financial results and sustainable growth of our brand strength. We realize an exclusive value of passionately committed and productive employees, and we respect their variety and dignity. We reward outstanding results of the employees, support their development and expect the performance of the tasks in accordance with the highest quality standards. We respect the employees’ observance of the work/life balance.

Employees MAY able to think strategically and act cohesively as a team. Constantly developing their personal competence, commitment and efficiency to achieve common goals, they appreciate the time factor and, therefore, do everything you need quickly.

Every working day, our employees search for some new solutions for constant improvement of the MAY products, processes, marketing, and organization. Our employees are the true reason why we are successful. They are our competitive advantage, and we know it. We take care of the employees who are the energy of our success. We emphasize our determination to attract, develop, motivate and keep the most talented employees.

What distinguishes us from other employers? We believe that we are notable for the strategy and the resources, which we have created and which we invest in order to demand better results from our employees, develop and reward them. We provide them with all necessary resources for work and we train our employees. We specify clearly the tasks of the employees and what we expect from them. The systems of motivation and rewards are quantified. The standards of work are determined, and the achievements are rewarded.

Some employees opt for the development and growth of professional competence within the framework of their current posts; the others prefer to grow by undertaking more responsibility at other positions. Anyway, our HR-strategy is directed on helping the employees and their managers to plan their career development better. The success of the employees is the success of the MAY company. Therefore, we want our employees to be successful and we offer them a unique and excellent value. It is simple.