Strategic uniti - Innovation - Speed
Strategic uniti - Innovation - Speed

MAY family values


MAY family first value

MAY reacts quickly to market demands and offers solutions best suited to the changed conditions. By developing a digital platform, we provide customers and partners with better services that help them better understand and meet the needs of their customers.

We take prudent risks, quickly assess feedback, and are not afraid to experiment. With an openness to new things and a desire to create excellent value, MAY employees work flexibly and quickly.

Our ability to adapt, be creative on any issue and step out of our comfort zone when necessary allows us to work effectively in teams and adapt to our clients' needs.


second MAY family value

MAY values the most important and understandable ethical principles: trust, respect, honesty, openness and responsibility. Every business decision we make is based on them. These principles help the team achieve high results and inspire others by their example.

The high level of trust among our employees, as well as with our partners, allows us to develop relationships and achieve the most ambitious goals, as trust is the most important economic resource. Respect for the dignity of every MAY employee is fundamentally important to our corporate culture. MAY's high level of openness leads to a high level of accountability, without which the quality of future results cannot be ensured.

MAY employees focus not only on their immediate tasks but also on the overall business goals of the company, so any achievements are the result of a common team effort. Diversity and inclusion of all talents lead to high achievement.


third MAY family value

Only a company that achieves rapid, sustainable, and large-scale growth can be considered efficient and prosperous.

Continuous sales growth provides MAY with the resources to satisfy customers, serve markets and increase the potential for collaboration with partners.

Care for the environment and social responsibility, which impact sales growth and profits, are important elements of our strategy.

Profit growth is a key indicator of the financial efficiency of commercial activities of MAY. The efforts of our employees are ultimately focused on generating the profits necessary for MAY to invest in production and distribution expansion, increase the scale of marketing communications and develop the platform business.

To always stay one step ahead of the competition, we strive to identify and anticipate the desires of consumers and customers. Developing and scaling our own e-commerce platform is also in line with current trends in e-commerce, helping us prepare for the transition to a new business model, drive aggregating demand and look to the future with confidence.

MAY employees can't afford to swim in the general flow - they need always to be one step ahead, fast, steady, and large-scale.


MAY family forth value

In a rapidly changing world, we need to be flexible, innovative, and ready to adapt to new business conditions to be at the forefront of the market. Change drives us forward. We look at change from a perspective that will help us become stronger, more efficient, and contribute to the growth and well-being of the company and all our stakeholders.

The success of tomorrow depends on the speed of reaction to external circumstances. Our employees are adaptable, quick to learn and flexible. Obstacles in our way stimulate us to make efforts and act decisively in the most difficult situations, not to be afraid to make a mistake. These skills help us change ourselves and change the world for the better.

Commitment to change is a conscious acceptance of any change, a willingness to evolve and set new priorities in line with it. Change is always dynamic, and dynamics is always movement, to which we are able to give even greater acceleration. Thus, commitment to change is a way for MAY to build momentum for business development.


MAY family fifth value

Digital technology offers us unique opportunities. The consumer is looking for superior quality, convenience and a unique value proposition. MAY provides its customers and trading partners with access not only to popular products, but also to the most advanced technologies and services.

Our employees are constantly learning best practices and incorporating them into their operations.

Drawing on its extensive experience gained in local markets and its knowledge of distribution systems in developing countries, the MAY team is effectively changing the traditional distribution system based on a unique technology offering. We are strengthening our digital competencies, developing MAY's unique corporate culture and organizational capabilities to win in key global markets.


MAY family sixth value

The pragmatic approach to work facilitates achieving the set goals and saving resources for future achievements. The ability to focus on the essential always shortens the way to the goals. Our focus on pragmatism has shaped a rational view of a sustainable world motivation for success and the ability to derive benefit from any situation. Pragmatism has a very positive meaning in a business landscape: it helps focus on the essential, hacking away at the unessential and unimportant, correctly prioritize and succeed, improve, and be responsible for the decisions made. The pragmatic approach to business implies a focus on the end result, as well as the ability to calculate efficiency in the short term. It is important conform to the company’s current policies, procedures and philosophy. Only then an employee will ensure the effectiveness and consistency of the organization. The MAY’s employees are focused on achieving results. Industrious and productive, they reckon that it is things of practical value that are really important. They always link the thought with actions and strongly believe that experience and experimental methods are the best sources of learning something new.