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Maisky is one of the most popular Russian tea brands, a market leader for over 20 years. It's a high-quality tea hand-picked on the best plantations in India, Sri Lanka, China, and Kenya. Traditional flavor and consistent quality are the unique qualities of Maisky tea.

According to Russian consumer surveys, Maisky is the most well-known Russian tea brand. Over the past 20 years, Maisky tea has become such a deep part of Russian society and culture that it led to an interesting phenomenon in the Russian language. Research shows that in Russians' minds the word "Maisky" is inseparable from the word "tea."

Maisky's tea collection includes both classic and special flavors. Whole-leaf Maisky tea in new pyramid bags created a real sensation in the market. This is the first product in the mid-range price segment that gives Russian consumers a chance to enjoy natural whole-leaf tea in convenient packaging.

Maisky is the tea for modern people who are open, hospitable and sincere, for those who like chatting with relatives and friends. Russian consumers are proud of Maisky tea. They enjoy its consistent taste and quality.

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